MSU CHM - Flint Campus

There are 10 electives to choose from in Internal Medicine:

1) Adult Infectious Disease

2) Cardiology

3) Emergency Medicine

4) Endocrine/Metabolism

5) Gastroenterology

6) Hematology/Oncology

7) Nephrology

8) Neurology

9) Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

10) Pulmonary

Adult Infectious Disease

This elective will provide students with a variety of inpatient and outpatient experiences in infectious diseases. The student will develop knowledge of anti-infective therapy and develop diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for common clinical syndromes. Student Review(s) / Add a Review


Students will participate in the clinical evaluation of patients with symptoms suggesting cardiac disease and will be exposed to diagnostic procedures including routine interpretation of electrocardiograms, evaluation of chest x-ray, and cardiac related laboratory data. Student Review(s) / Add a Review

Emergency Medicine

Students will be exposed to a wide variety of acute problems in the emergency department and will have hands-on opportunity for the immediate care of the patient with a life-threatening disorder and the rapid evaluation of the systems. The student will be expected to work rotating shifts to gain insight as to the variability of patients and their illnesses with relation to the time of day and day of the week. Student Review(s) / Add a Review


This elective covers endocrine diseases and the evaluation of patients with endocrine abnormalities including history taking, systems evaluation and inter-relationships, and differential diagnosis with the use of laboratory data, including tests and interpretation of test results. Student Review(s) / Add a Review


This elective is designed to give students exposure to clinical manifestations of gastrointestinal disease, investigate methods and techniques of diagnosis and management, and promote familiarity with gastrointestinal skills including the ability to evaluate gastrointestinal disturbances and diseases. Student Review(s) / Add a Review


This elective involves the work up of Hematology and Oncology patients. Review of bone marrow and peripheral smears, special reading assignments, and some conferences will be required. Students will present to the group participating in the patient's management. Student Review(s) / Add a Review


Students will receive clinical experience with medical renal problems in the dialysis unit and medical wards. Outpatient renal problems will be seen in a physician's office and in the nephrology and transplant clinics, with exposure to chronic hemodialysis patients, emergency peritoneal, hemodialysis, and renal consultations with the attending nephrologist. Student Review(s) / Add a Review


This clerkship acquaints students with the clinical manifestations of diseases of the neuromuscular system. Students will perform history and physical examinations on patients with neurological problems, develop diagnostic and treatment plans, and discuss them with the faculty member. Student Review(s) / Add a Review

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

This elective focuses on the treatment of back pain, acute pain, chronic pain and sports-related injuries. Students will work with physicians who focus on restoring function to the patient. The PM&R treatment approach emphasizes comprehensive care for patients with musculoskeletal disorders, arthritis, tendonitis, spinal cord injuries, or even patients with brain injuries. The McLaren Spine Program features a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of back and neck pain. This highly specialized team of spine specialists works together to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients using leading edge technology, the latest techniques and the most effective therapies to help patients feel, move, and live better.


This elective gives students experience in the diagnosis and medical management of patients with pulmonary diseases. There is supervised participation in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and daily rounds and consultations in the various intensive care units providing theoretical and practical information. Student Review(s) / Add a Review