MSU CHM - Flint Campus

1) General Surgery

2) Hand Surgery

3) Orthopedic Surgery

4) Otolaryngology

5) Plastic Surgery

6) Surgery Critical Care

7) Surgical Oncology

8) Trauma

9) Vasculary Surgery

General Surgery

This elective provides students with an experience equivalent to that of a first year resident. Students will become familiar with a wide variety of surgical situations varying from cancer patients to seriously injured patients. Students will be expected to increase their general knowledge, improve their diagnostic skills, as well as learn some of the surgical procedures involved in their cases. They will also learn principles of management of general surgical problems.

Hand Surgery

This clerkship will stress the early care of the injured hand, the precautions necessary for preservation of tissue, and effective tendon and nerve repair. The anatomy of the hand will be emphasized and reconstructive procedures, splinting, and rehabilitation of the injured hand will be demonstrated with student participation.

Orthopedic Surgery

Students will gain experience in traumatic and reconstructive orthopedic surgery. Fractures, splinting, and the care of the injured extremity will be stressed. Students will assist in surgical procedures as well as participate in an office orthopedic practice which includes general problems, such as pain in walking, swollen joints, back pain, sprains, bruises, pain and tenderness, casting, exercise, and rehabilitation.


This elective provides an opportunity to observe all phases of E.N.T. from both the clinical and surgical aspects. Topics include E.N.T. problems as they relate to other specialties. You’ll also learn the treatment protocol prescribed by a specialist in the field.

Plastic Surgery

This clerkship will provide familiarity with reparative and reconstructive surgery of the skin, face, and breast. The major emphasis, however, is on the principles of wound healing and tissue repair (i.e., the care of soft tissue problems, emergency management of the severely injured patient, and reconstructive surgery).

Surgery Critical Care

During this clerkship, the student will be introduced to various aspects of surgical critical care through caring for patients, working with mid-level critical care providers, daily rounds with a surgical intensivist and a structured reading program. The major topics covered will include ventilator management, fluid and electrolyte management, nutritional therapy and inflammation and infection in the ICU including antibiotic stewardship. Other topics will be covered as they relate to patients whom the student encounters in the ICU. Students will have the option of participating in research projects which need not be limited to the actual clerkship period.

Surgical Oncology

During the four week elective the student will participate in evaluation, diagnosis and surgical management of cancer. The student will function as a member of the surgical team in managing preoperative and long-term care for in-house cancer patients. The student would also participate in the multi-disciplinary management of cancer involving chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy in patients with operable as well as advanced malignancy. If a student desires, he or she may design and develop, under supervision, a clinical research project or a retrospective chart review study. This could be carried out not only during the exact period of the elective but could extend beyond that time if it did not conflict with the student's other course work. The residents are also expected to help teach and assist fourth year students.


This elective is designed to provide the student with an in-depth exposure to the management of trauma patients. Students assist in the resuscitation, surgical treatment, and post-operative management of patients sustaining acute injury and trauma. The experience includes substantial involvement in the treatment of patients in an intensive care setting. Weekly conferences supplement daily teaching. This elective includes long hours and a very rewarding clinical experience.

Vasculary Surgery

This clerkship will offer an introduction to vein, artery, and lymphatic surgical problems and common related surgical procedures. Handling of common office problems includes the examination for degree of temperature alteration, color changes and the presence of abnormal color, presence or absence of atrophy, loss of skin tone, loss of hair pattern, and presence of swelling, superficial alteration of the veins.