Research Forum Contacts

By Email:

Please use the following individuals as your contact sources:

Michigan State University Flint Area Medical Education

John B. Molidor, Ph.D.
CEO and President
(810) 600-5620

Robbin Auston
Research Forum Coordinator
(810) 600-5620

Sherry Rosenberger
Research Forum Assistant
(810) 342-5618 

Jarrod Miller
Technical Coordinator
(810) 600-5631
Genesys Regional Medical Center

Kimberly Barber, Ph.D.
Research Director
(810) 606-7724

Candy Rainwater
IRB Coordinator
(810) 606-7722

Tara Knisely
Academic Research Coordinater

Hurley Medical Center

Kay Taylor, Ph.D.
Research Director
(810) 262-9505

Nicolas Lecea
Academic Research Coordinator
(810) 262-9764

McLaren Flint

Carol Brzozowski
GME Manager
(810) 342-2416

Diane Gardner
Library Manager
(810) 342-2820

Erin O'Connor
Associate Director of Behavioral Medicine Education